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Halo Ramp, pivotal for time, energy, and safety.
Halo Ramp - Michael Lopez
Halo Ramp
The Halo Ramp redefines delivery transportation. We can expect our customers to increase their product delivery volume, increase new customer opportunitiesshorten delivery average stop times, forever changing delivery logistical planning and coordinating.

Halo Ramp will also, decrease the amount of stress on the user's body, therefore, enhancing the overall safety while the Halo Ramp is in use. You may ask, how? The swivel action gives the user total control, for the end destination of the ramp landing. For example, products like groceries, will be heavy and awkward coming down a ramp on a two wheel hand truck. The Halo Ramp will allow a user to bypass curbs and stairs, slippery, wet, frozen, loose and unpaved surfaces or walkways. By saving the user’s energy,  Halo Ramp will add stamina for driving, and lowering all associated risk of driver fatigue.

Today’s ramp users often become sluggish  and lethargic, this is when incidents and accidents are born. More of today's ramp a users can't avoid cumbersome obstacles in delivery end destination environments, without wasting more time during a delivery. 

Halo Ramp provides a safe and simple innovation to achieve, total controllable pivoting of 130 degrees. Halo Ramp will immediately save users time, and give companies within the transportation industry multiplied profits.

 The worlds most innovative transportationDelivery Ramp
Michael Lopez
Today, Michael is finishing up the first production run on his invention – a swiveling delivery truck ramp. Michael spent years in both the front office and driver’s seat of the delivery business, learning it backward and forward before starting his own transportation service. But before Michael even got that business off the ground, he “woke up from a nap in a cold sweat, with the idea of this swiveling ramp just ingrained in [his] head.” A first drawing turned into a second more detailed one that turned into a 3D design and model. Soon Michael realized he had something important in his hands.

Then one day, on a chance delivery, he began talking to a fellow inventor’s wife whose son happened to be an intellectual property attorney and LegalCORPS volunteer. That volunteer, Daniel Bruzzone, has become one of Michael’s greatest advisers. After the first few meetings, Daniel suggested that Michael be fully represented on a pro-bono basis by LegalCORPS. Through LegalCORPS’s groundbreaking Inventor Assistance Program, Daniel continued to assist Michael in filing his patent, ensuring that his design was legally protected against possible infringements. Meanwhile, another LegalCORPS volunteer – Kathleen Eick – helped Michael register his company, Halo Ramps LLC. 

As his invention goes into production, Michael continues to work closely with LegalCORPS and the volunteer attorneys. When his ramp is finalized and the first production run has taken place, Michael will be ready to spring into business. In a satisfying turn of events, the food service delivery business that once employed him very likely will become his first client. 

“In many respects LegaCORPS has helped change my life as I see it, forever going forward,” he says. 

Inventors like Michael are the backbone of American enterprise. LegalCORPS’s greatest honor lies in empowering innovators to carry out their vision. LegalCORPS hopes Michael and all other inventors, entrepreneurs and nonprofits it assists enjoy success in 2016 and beyond.
Halo Ramp Founder
Halo Ramp Company
Halo Ramp, pivotal for time, energy, and safety.