Halo Ramp Company

Halo Ramp, pivotal for time, energy, and safety.
More Than Just a Ramp...
What is the
​Halo Ramp?
Why the
​Halo Ramp?
Word from the Industry...
"An excellent idea...The flexibility to pivot the ramp would clearly help reduce risk and improve productivity."
- Mark, 
UPS Senior Technical Consultant
Revolutionizing the
transportation industry
The Future Is Now!
Halo Ramp
Halo Ramp want to positively impact delivery drivers and final m​​ile companies.

Halo Ramp wants to positively increase long term health outcomes for the great people who work in food delivery service.

Halo Ramps will  completely disrupt the portable ramp industry. 

Halo Ramp also relieves the 100% requirement to exert the force needed to overcome every curb or accessible stairs.

Greater health outcomes for drivers and greater savings for companies is a win, win for both employers  and employees.

Halo Ramps greatest value proposition comfortably offers convenience, and added effiencies for both employees and companies who use and purchase the Halo Ramp.

Halo Ramp lowers the risk of driver fatigue by removing obstacles that require a great amounts of exertion.

There about 168 million people – say they have driven a vehicle while feeling drowsy in the past year, and more than one-third, (37% or 103 million people), have actually fallen asleep at the wheel! In fact, of those who have nodded off, 13% say they have done so at least once a month.